Game Support

  • Q: I have a new device and need to sign in with my old account.

    A: If you originally logged in through Facebook, just do so again, using the same Facebook account. All of your Coins, Scores, and other information will be kept!
    If you logged in through e-mail, you should have gotten a password sent to you. If you lost that password or never got it, no fear. Just log in again with that e-mail address and tap "Forgot Password." We'll send you a new one, pronto.

  • Q: The game is crashing a lot.

    A: Please try updating the game form the App Store. You may have an out of date version.

  • Q: I want to change my password or other account info.

    A: Just tap on the settings icon in the upper right of the main menu. Then tap on Account. You can modify your e-mail, username, or password here.

  • Q: The game is stuck! Help!

    A: Tap the iPhone's Home button to go back home, then quickly tap the iPhone home button twice. In the bottom tray that appears, hold down the game's icon until it wiggles and you see a small X. Tap the X to close the app. You can then cleanly restart.

  • Q: I can't purchase Coins.

    A: Be sure your In-App Purchases are turned on for this game, under your iPhone / iPad Settings, from the home screen. You may also want to close the app and try again.

  • Q: I hate ads.

    A: You can remove ads and get other perks by upgrading to the Premium version. We highly recommend it for serious players!

  • Q: How can I turn notifications on or off?

    A: Want to be notified when it is your turn? Or are you sick of too many notifications? Go to your home screen and tap Settings. Tap Notifications. Find the game and select it. Then turn notifications on or off here.

Email any other pressing issues to: We'll try to get back to you as quickly as possible!