This table was created by Double Coconut, a boutique game development agency. Up to date as of March 2015. See this article for more details!

iOS Android


Corona SDK

Adobe AIR

Game Maker
Cost Base tools are FREE Free basic package; Pro is $1,500 + $1,500 Each for iOS/Android Free + Open Source Free + Open Source
$50/month for Android Plugin (Core)
Free + Open Source Free to $3,500/year $16-$199 developer / month Free (with Flash) Free to $1,899 per developer/year based on features
Free; $49.99 for Professional (plus fee per platform); $799.99 for Master Collection Free to $299/year for Pro
Platforms Only Android or only iOS PC, Mac, Browser, iOS, Android, Blackberry, XBox iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Linux, Windows, Mac Mainly iOS;
Can build to Android with Sprite Builder Plug In by Apportable (
Android, Windows, Linux, Mac, Blackberry, iOS (w/ RoboVM) iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Mac/PC iOS, Android (>2.2), Windows Phone iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Blackberry iOS, Android, Mac, Windows iOS, Android, Playstation, XBox, Windows Phone, Mac, Windows
iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, HTML5
Hit Games Developed Hundreds upon hundreds Bad Piggies, Castle Story, Dead Trigger 2, Republique, Wasteland, Fates Forever, Hearthstone, Threes, etc. Big Fish Casino, Castle Clash, Dragon City, Matching with Friends, 2048, Family Guy: Quest for Stuff, Avengers Alliance Kingdom Rush, Jelly Splash, Animal Voyage, Badland Ingress, Delver, Apparatus Call of Duty Zombies, Bejeweled Blitz, Cut the Rope, Draw Something, Pro Evolution Soccer, Talisman Freeze!, Fun Run, Major Magnet Machinarium, Incredipede The Secret Society, GOAL 2014 Blob, Hotline Miami, Galactic Missile Defense, Fenix Rage
Five Nights at the Asylum, Tiny Goalie
Language Used Java for Android; ObjectiveC / Swift for iOS C# C++ Swift Java C++ via Visual Studio (PC) / XCode (Mac) Lua Scripting ActionScript (Flash) C# Game Maker Language (scripting language) No language -- all drag and drop
Tools For Designers/Artists Limited. Some storyboarding / interface layout tools in Android Studio and XCode Very Strong.
Can edit levels or art directly in Unity editor while game is running.
Several 3rd Party Excellent 2D animations / UI / particle / physics tools via Sprite Builder None Basic toolset Composer GUI has strong visual editor Yes! Flash! Basic layout tools Strong; heavy drag and drop Entirely visual drag and drop
Engineering Level Required Medium to High Low to Medium:
Can do a lot with point and click and adjusting of properties.
Medium-High Medium-High High Medium Low - Corona Editor Easy for Beginners Medium Medium-High Low Low
Support for 3rd Party SDKs Full All Common Ones All Common Ones Most Common Ones Major supported; can create bindings for others (complicated but doable). Major Supported Full (With Bindings) Low Major Supported Limited Very Limited (major ad SDKs only)
Native Feature/Library Support Full Strong. Can write code to bridge Unity with native libraries. Strong Strong for iOS
Weak for Android
Most popular features supported; can create bindings for anything else. Medium; can extend to integrate with platform-specific code. Can bridge to native libraries, but must have Corona Enterprise Medium Medium None None
Time To Build To Emulator Quickest Fast Slow Fast Medium Medium Medium Slow Medium Fast Fast
Time To Build To Device Quickest Slow Very Slow Fast on iOS
Slow for Android
Medium - Slow Medium Slow Very Slow Slow Slow for most platforms Slow
Debug Ability Best Strong in Emulator, Poor on Device Good Very Strong (on iOS)
Weak on Android
Good Good Medium Low Medium Weak Very Weak